Under 13 Squad

Upcoming Fixtures:

13/09/2019: (League) Away vs Frankley Falcons

21/09/2019: (League) Home vs Bournville Bears

20/10/2019: (League) Away vs West Brom Basketball

25/10/2019: (League) Away vs Walsall 99ers

23/11/2019: (League) Home vs Coventry Tornadoes

07/12/2019: (League) Home vs WBA D-Squad

18/01/2020: (League) Away vs Bournville Bears

15/02/2020: (League) Home vs Walsall 99ers

29/02/2020: (League) Home vs West Brom Basketball

14/03/2020: (League) Away Coventry Tornadoes

28/03/2020: (League) Away vs WBA D-Squad

Practice times:

Time: Friday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Venue: Shrewsbury School

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Game results:​

07/12/2019: (H) vs WBA D-Squad (44-74)

23/11/2019: (H) vs Coventry Tornadoes (30-100)

25/10/2019: (A) vs Walsall 99ers (86-41)

20/10/2019: (A) vs West Brom Basketball (74-21)

21/09/2019: (H) vs Bournville Bears (36-99)

13/09/2019: (A) vs Frankley Falcons (0-20)  *

* - Forfeited by YBL

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Email: shrewsburystormbasketballclub@gmail.com

Youth Basketball League: http://ybl.org.uk

Basketball England: https://www.basketballengland.co.uk/

West Midlands Basketball: wmbasketball.co.uk

Phone: 01743 537077


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