Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Another weekend of basketball, and hot off the vastly improved performance of their last home game against the Bournville Bears, the Shrewsbury Storm U15 team had started to get into the game mindset. Although this time around they were against a very well organised, numerous (and scarily big!) Spartans team.

S’bury Storm was at an immediate disadvantage as they were only rolling with 7 players as opposed to Spartans’ full bench. In the warmup, Coach Kevin told his team to stick to the plan that served them well in their last game.

Q1: S’bury were a little nervous inside the first few minutes of the quarter. They were getting some good looks under the basket but not quite converting the opportunities. On the defensive end, the team was playing close defense and that helped to stop Spartans from scoring. Niall & Joe were in good positions under the bucket; Niall converting a free throw to open up our scoring again. In the last minute of the game, Amelia receives the ball, took her time and drains an awesome set shot. Alex also scores by forcing his way into the key. A good, solid start.

Q2: S’bury Storm again starts strong, but defense is sloppy. Finishing is also not quite happening, but Charlie and Alex, both managed to convert 2 sweet free throws. Meanwhile, Spartans bring out their secret weapon and he spends the next 3 minutes scoring everything from drives to two consecutive 3-points shots. The failure to seal the threat saw Spartans run away with the game in this quarter.

Q3: Coach Kevin suggests a 10-minute break for his team to take a well-earned rest. At the start of the third, fatigue is starting to show. Again S’bury leaves the middle wide open for easy layups, and can’t seem to find any joy under Spartan’s basket. Jordan puts on an impressive defensive work rate consistently closing down Spartan’s ball handler. It was S’bury’s lowest-scoring quarter but everyone was tired and that meant that Coach Kevin had to rotate his small bench.

Q4: Shrewsbury Storm came to play a game! This quarter was by far the best performance by the U15 team. Strong defense and confidence under the basket stop Spartans from scoring and also puts everyone on the scoresheet! Joe going to work in the paint, Jordan, and Cody scoring some great off the dribble shots which looked great! In this period S’bury matched Spartan’s score for the quarter

In summary, this was, by far, the best team performance. The ball moved well and players motivated each other to get into their correct positions even when they had to play out of position. It was a joy to watch. Some work has to go into finishing now as S’bury are starting to get some great looks under the basket.

S’bury has a game against Worcester Bears at the weekend, so with a larger bench and plays to build on, it should be a good one. A massive WELL DONE to all who played!

Final Score: Shrewsbury Storm 21 – Spartans 67

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