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Saturday 13th October 2018

Bourneville Bears travelled to Shrewsbury Storm’s new home court at Roman Road Sports Centre. This was Storm’s inaugural home court gathering and there were many people doing a great job of making sure things run as smoothly as possible.

We had already seen the U13 game which was a thrilling, nail-biting game that got so heated that in the last few seconds of the 4th quarter, with everything to play for, there was a scuffle on court.

The U15 game also turned out to be a very good game for Storm. With a lineup of 8 players, and the first game for Jordan, there was a tactical huddle with Coach Kevin followed by some warmup layups.

Q1 – Storm wins the tip, but a passing fumble gifts the guests a fast break opening 2 points. Sticking to the game plan, ball is brought up the court under pressure by Finn and Alex and waiting under the basket was Niall and Joe. The ball finds Niall and he opens the scoring for Storm! Because Bears were starting off with a full court press, Storm were finding it hard on occasion to get into their front court, but when they did get there Alex and Jordan were scoring and getting fouled going to the hoop. Cody shooting off the dribble and Joe going to work in the paint both defensively and offensively helped us stay in the game but the turnovers put Bears a good way ahead by end of the quarter.

Q2 – Storm broke down at both ends of the court. They had people out of position and by not sticking the plan that helped them in the first quarter Bears ran away with fast breaks, to the point where they had 2 guys waiting in Storm’s back court waiting for the long pass from the defensive rebounds. Coach Kevin called a timeout to reset everyone and make some changes to personnel, also to get everyone revved up in defence. The last 5 minutes of the quarter was much better for it.

Q3 – Storm was playing some EXCELLENT basketball! In this quarter, the U15s showed their true potential in this league. Everyone was hustling for the ball, big shout out to Cody and Jordan for pressuring Bears’ ball handler into making mistakes that Storm benefitted from. Joe, Charlie and Niall were pulling down boards at both end of the court, Finn was fearless in the paint, Alex was a blur as he sprinted at both ends of the court to not only score easy layups but stop Bears at the defensive end before they can get a shot off! And Amelia, who has always had good positioning, didn’t disappoint as she was always an option once we were in the front court – A superb effort by everyone which showed in the Q3 score which showed we only lost that quarter by a single point!

Q4 – So after a great third quarter, both teams were tapped out and tired, unfortunately Bears got the better of Storm by picking off telegraphed passes and making their way to Storm’s hoop. Fair play to everyone though, their heads were in it right up to the last buzzer were another scuffle was narrowly avoided. But it showed the passion and heart the guys n’ girls had for the game.

In summary the scoreline does not fairly represent the standard of basketball Storm played. But it does show that there is so much potential for this U15 team and unlocking that potential will reverse the recent score lines currently being posted. Coach Kevin is super impressed and proud of his teams performance and they should be too. As this was only the second league game in their whole career, Coach Kevin is excited about where the team is going and hard work will most definitely pay dividends in the near future! Well done to all who played!

Final Score: Shrewsbury Storm 36 – Bournville Bears 87

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