Updated: Jan 11

The under 15’s travelled the long haul to Ledbury for their league fixture this week. Our starting 5 of Matt, Joe, Ameila, Nial & Cody struggled against a strong Leadonites team. We turned the ball over with poor passing choices and lazy defence. this allowed the opposition to get easy fast break baskets. We did only score 3 points in the quarter but we missed 8 free throws. Leadonites scored 12 points before we got into the game and for the last 3 minutes we stopped them scoring.

Our 2nd & 3rd quarter were the best I’ve seen the team play this season. Charlie was excellent and scored 5 points in the first 4 minutes of the second quarter. We moved the ball quickly and into space. Amelia also hit an open jumper. We scored a total of 21 points in both quarters. Matt hitting back to back shots in the 3rd. In the final quarter we struggled against a very strong Leadonites team. And we didn’t score after the first 3 minutes. However, Nial scored and excellent layup under pressure from the right side of the basket. Cody & Jordan also played some excellent tough defence.

Overall each game is an improvement for the squad. Every single player gave 100% and if this continues then our first win is already around the corner. We focus on our strengths and develop in practice and we will get the rewards on the court.

Final mention to Joe Lace who without his passion, determination and hardworking the Leadonites scores would of been a lot higher.

Big thank you to the U13’s for joining in Benji was instrumental in the second quarter and ran the offence, Joe blocked their best player & Alex crossed most of their guards.

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