Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The U13 team were at home again this weekend against the Worcester Wolves. The game started really brightly for Storm with a break from the tip and 2 quick steals, unfortunately although the ball got to the basket on all three chances it didn’t quite drop and the Storm’s early confidence took a knock. Will Milne opened the scoring on a composed sweep and go to the basket and Ben and Cole added a basket each to finish the quarter 6 – 9 down on our lowest scoring quarter this season.

Sadly we had a poor second quarter, which has happened in 3 or our four games and we struggled to score against a Worcester defence that wouldn’t move from under the basket. When we did pass the ball quickly and reverse we scored easy baskets with Cole scoring off a quick reverse by George and Alex scoring three points. Our defence lost some of its intensity and that allowed Worcester to pull away to 22-11, a lead we could never quite claw back.

The emphasis had to be on defensive pressure in the third quarter and it was much better with Will, Rhys, George and Corwyn pushing the Wolves into sloppy turnovers. Everybody else picked up on their intensity and the defence stifled the Wolves to only 8 points. To be fair to the Wolves they probably only managed four shots in the quarter but what they did manage to shoot usually went in. Our offence became more balanced with Oli and Will showing the calmest heads just doing the simple things very well. When we reversed the ball and kept it moving we looked very dangerous and managed to add 12 well needed points to our score. Ben added 4 and Cole added 6 with Will adding another smooth sweep and go to the basket.

The last quarter was incredibly tense and the Wolves knew they were in a very tough match. We managed to maintain our defensive pressure, but again off the minimum of chances the Wolves managed to make their shots count. When we focused on moving the ball from side to side we looked very dangerous, but unfortunately we just seemed to suffer with shots going in then rattling out of the basket. A few centimetres either way and our score could have been much higher. Alex and Cole were adding more pressure on Wolves and at times they struggled to get the ball over the half leading to turnovers which could have won us the game. Ben added 4 points in the last quarter Cole added another 7 hard earned points. Joe and Alex also managed to add a basket each, but sadly it wasn’t enough as we came up short 44-38.

Going forward the second half was far more encouraging than the first and showed how defensive pressure can change a game and moving the ball quickly on offence creates easy opportunities. It is great to see the improvement each week and I can’t wait to next Saturday’s game away to Worcester Bears.

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