Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Storm went to Worcester Bears with high hopes, but they knew they would have a tough task against the Bears who were in second place and had won all of their games so far. It was a tight first quarter with the Bears starting hot with two quick baskets. Ben and Alex were quick to reply with a basket each and then Alex went to the line and scored 1 of his free throws. Ben continued to drive to the basket scoring another 4 points and Alex also scored another 4, both baskets off quick ball reversals leaving Alex wide open. Bears edged the first quarter 15-13.

Storm went out really positively in the second quarter, determined to improve their defence. The help defence was excellent, limiting Worcester’s shooting opportunities and holding them to just 10 points. Ben carried on in the second quarter as he did in the first scoring another 6 points off drives created by the excellent spreading out on offence. Spacing out on the floor allowed for great passing and cutting and the ball was being reversed quickly creating wide open looks as the Bears defence struggled to move as fast as the ball did. Cole benefitted from the quick ball movement with a quarter high 10 points! Alex added 2 and 1 from the free throw line. Joe showed more patience and hit a great mid range jumper and finished the quarter with a great sweep and go drive to the basket. The halftime score was 36-25 and Storm were on a roll.

The Storm started the third quarter in fantastic style moving the ball very quickly on offence with everyone involved. Oli had two assists from quick passes and was putting great pressure on the ball. Corwyn who was benefitting from more court time was showing great energy on defence and was often the first one down the court. Rhys was putting pressure on the ball and stealing the ball off anybody who came near him. The fantastic ball movement led to plenty of points again Ben added another 7 points, Alex added 4 points on back to back baskets. Cole added 4 and Joe scored the last two baskets of the quarter, again showing good patience and just doing the simple things well. Alex and Cole were harrying the Bears point guards and Worcester were starting to look out of ideas.

With the score 55-34 Storm entered the fourth quarter confidently. Corwyn, Oli and Rhys benefited from more court time staying on the whole quarter, but the defence didn’t miss a beat and held the Bears to just a stingy 10 points. The ball still moved well on offence and the Storm finished the game scoring another 16 points. Cole was on fire adding 13 of those 16 points. Joe hit one from the line and Ben added the other two points.

Fantastic performance today that was four games in the making, it was great to see so many good things come together in one performance. The spreading out on offence was excellent and allowed individuals great 1 on 1 opportunities as well as great ball movement creating wide open looks. Cole with a game high 27 closely followed by Ben with 20 points out scored the Bears on their own, but the reason why they could score so well was due to the great spacing and ball movement by the whole team. With full court pressure to add to the Storm’s arsenal and a little bit more fine tuning on offence (screen away) I can’t wait for next week’s game. I think Storm will finally win a home game, to go with their fine record of 3 away games and 3 wins.

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