Men: Shrewsbury Storm vs West Brom

Roman Road Sports Centre 12/02/2020

West Brom travelled to Shrewsbury for the return league game that brings on nightmares for the boys in Yellow. The last time the two teams played a combination of initial game nerves and a hybrid West Brom team saw Storm lose by over 50 points. This was also the first game with coach Kevin taking the reins following the departure of coach Everton.

The visitors travelled with 7 players while Storm had a full bench main made up of the team that played in the away game.


Kai easily wins the tip and Storm start their attack but turnovers and missed shots means that it’s a full 2 minutes before anyone scores. West Brom open up the scoring, but Storm quickly answer with a brave drive and layup from Jake. Adam gaining his confidence in the paint showed his dominance. West Brom just seemed to have a streak of successful shooting until Storm started to read the play but some rushed offences gave West Brom a 10pt lead at the end of the quarter.


This quarter saw a welcome return to match play for Sean and both teams were really trying for win in this quarter and there was some great physiological play by Alex and Dave which frustrated West Brom into making some spectacular mistakes. Storm capitalised on this by matching West Brom basket for basket until West Brom hit some vital 3 pointers which kept them ahead by the end of the half.


Realising the mountain Storm had left themselves, Storm burst out of the gate all guns blazing, but what resulted was very erratic which caused Kevin to call a quick timeout. Some refocus and Storm got back to moving the ball and making West Brom’s defence move. At the other end there was a little bit of slackness in the driving lane which made it easy for West Brom to get to the bucket in the paint.


This quarter worried West Brom immensely. West Brom was exhausted and Storm found the energy to play a high tempo game which exposed West Brom’s transition defence. Dave hit 2 big threes in the final minutes, and in the words of West Brom “if the quarter was as few minutes longer, you’d have had us”.

In summary, it seems that the energy level and movement of the ball is starting to improve as the team start to understand how each other works. There was some great work from post players Adam and Kai. Alex, Jake, Kyle and Mustafa showed their skill at attacking the basket at the right time and dishing the ball when needed. Lewis and Mark, although very unassuming in their execution, were brilliant at creating opportunities at the offensive end. And the experience of Sean and Dave were vital in breaking the West Brom press and keeping West Brom guessing at the pace of play.

Dave - 10 (1/2 FT)

Jake - 10 (2/2 FT)

Kevin - 8

Lewis 2 - 7 (1/2 FT)

Adam - 6 (2/2 FT)

Kai - 6 (0/2 FT)

Kyle - 6

Alex - 4

Mustafa - 4

Sean - 4

Mark - 2

Final Score: S’bury 67 - West Brom 78

Shrewsbury have a return game against Walsall 99ers in a mid-week fixture. Shrewsbury will travelling a little lighter than they would have liked, but control will help to make this game competitive.

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