U13: Bournville Bears vs Shrewsbury Storm

University of Birmingham School

Saturday 18th January 2002

The U13 squad travelled away with 7 players against Bournville’s full bench. It was fair to say the team had a serious task ahead of them however they faced it as a united team and gave it their all. I am extremely proud of their efforts.

It was clear from the first quarter that Bournville was intent on pressing Storm, which resulted in a number of turnovers that led to Bournville securing a comfortable 20 points lead. Toby scored Storm’s first two baskets with a confident layup drive to the hoop and a jump shot. Jason then drove to the basket getting fouled in the process resulting in two free throws of which he scored one. The quarter ended with Bournville leading by 31 points.

The second, third and fourth quarters was much the same of Bournville constantly attacking our basket at will. Storm played inspiring defence at times with Fin being an awesome menace and making a number of steals.

Owen was a key defender on their best player, which took a complete team effort to contain him however he was a super player and got the better of us on this occasion. Toby and Jason made superb passes to James who had a good scoring game. Theo was instrumental in bringing the ball up the court to start the offence on a few possessions. Storm had balance scoring from Jason, Toby, James, Fin, and Raf. I believe the game would have been a lot closer had Storm converted their open chances at the basket.

In summary, it was clear that the boys needed to gain more confidence on the court, especially on the offensive side of the game and that will only come with time and with intense practices. This game offered them a valuable insight into the higher level in which our competition currently plays and I know they strive to improve every time they hit the court.

It was a valiant effort by the boys, they held their heads up high throughout the entire game and I am extremely proud of them.

Storm ultimately lost the game 102-26 to Bournville.

We look forward to the coming training sessions to address a few of our weaker areas and to improve both individually and as a team.

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