Men's Squad

Upcoming Fixtures:

06/10/2019: (League) Home vs Walsall 99ers

13/10/2019: (League) Away vs West Brom Basketball B

20/10/2019: (Rosebowl) Away vs Rugeley Raptors

10/11/2019: (League) Home vs Hanley Hustlers A

25/11/2019: (League) Away vs Rawzone Basketball

01/12/2019: (League) Home vs Northwood Valiants

09/12/2019: (League) Away vs Stafford Spartans

12/01/2020: (League) Home vs West Brom Basketball B

15/01/2020: (League) Away vs Walsall 99ers

19/01/2020: (Knockout Shield) Away vs West Brom Basketball B

11/02/2020: (League) Away vs Hanley Hustlers

23/02/2020: (League) Home vs Rawzone Basketball

04/03/2020: (League) Away vs Northwood Valiants

08/03/2020: (League) Home vs Stafford Spartans

Practice times

Time: Sunday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Venue: Roman Road Sports Centre 

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Latest news:

01/01/2020: Shrewsbury Storm Get a Bye to the Quarter Finals of the WM Knockout Shield

Shrewsbury face West Brom Basketball B in the Quarter Finals of the WM Knockout Shield competition. Shrewsbury have a 2pt lead against their opponents

20/10/2019: Shrewsbury Storm crash out of the WM Rosebowl Competition

Shrewsbury played a very strong Rugeley Raptors team in the first round of the Rosebowl competition however even with a 22pt lead Rugeley overwhelmed the relatively new S'bury Team roster with smart play and high accuracy shooting.

Game Results:

09/12/2019: (A) vs Stafford Spartans (82-62)

01/12/2019: (H) vs Northwood Valiants (90-47)

25/11/2019: (A) vs Rawzone Basketball (55-63)

10/11/2019: (H) vs Hanley Hustlers A (20-0) *

20/10/2019: (A) vs Rugeley Raptors (113-56)

13/10/2019: (A) vs West Brom Basketball B (116-49)

06/10/2019: (H) vs Walsall 99ers (50-56)

* - Game forfeited by WMBL